what we do

Copernicos specialises in the life cycle management of complex and capital intensive systems. Copernicos helps organizations to deal with their assets, like ships, trains, factories or general infrastructure, in a more innovative and cost-effective way. The interaction between people and people and systems is decisive in obtaining goals. Optimization of asset management and asset innovations therefore leads to better asset performance, reduction of risks and better financial results.

mission and vision

connect, understand, improve

The world is becoming increaslingly more complex. To deal with this complexity, many companies try to stay ‘in control’. To master increasing dynamics, organizations are opting for specialization and fragmentation. Unfortunately in this way only partial results are taken into account. Interrelationships between interests and factors are sadly overlooked. In addition, changing circumstances in the (nearby and further) future are left out of the equation. The challenge is to master specialization and fragmentation through the act of connecting.  Connecting different interests, different stakeholders, goals and achievements.

Copernicos contributes to structural improvements of systems by taking their dynamic and sometimes uncertain contexts into account. We look at the interests of various stakeholders and try to connect them. To find common ground and make balanced decisions, Copernicos supports the proces of connecting. Connecting between the different perspectives of stakeholders, goals, measures and innovations. We can thus better understand how certain decisions affect certain goals. All in order to improve future performance, future costs and future risks.

our specialists

this is us

Copernicos works in a team. Not only within its own organisation, but also with its customers and clients. To realize projects we put our expertise to action based on what is needed at what time. Integral attention is paid to both content and process. Important areas of knowledge within Copernicos are business consultancy, modeling, information science and communications. Knowledge can be seen as Copernicos’ own asset: we are all rooted in asset management and innovation management, and the communication of this.

what we do

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asset dynamics

asset management

Asset Dynamics focuses on the functioning of physical capital goods in the dynamic context in which they operate. Changing circumstances can have a major impact on the entire system. To get a better grip Copernicos uses Asset Dynamics: a modeling and simulation environment for scenario analysis. Asset Dynamics provides insight into future performance (including functional, safety, environmental and financial performances) based on proposed measures.


innovation management

With our STORM method we systemically map societal challenges. We do so in order to get more insight into  measures and innovations that will lead to better performance (of assets) in the future. Many of the problems we now face – such as climate change, climate adaptation, mobility, safety and sustainable living environments – are complex: many parties are involved and often there are many innovative ideas for improvement. So, the question is how to make good, balanced decisions in this multi-goal and multi-stakeholder context? STORM can help.


connect, understand, improve

The Copernicos approach is an integrated approach. Together with clients we look at the different invested interests and goals and try to look for mutual coherence. We connect (seemingly contradictory) ambitions, we map challenges and knowledge, all in order to better understand the cohesion. In mapping and modelling we make complexity visible by showing the underlying factors influencing performance. By developing scenarios we sketch a joint picture of what the future might look like. But also what needs to be done to get there, and why. Our clients are thus better prepared to deal with (uncertain) future developments and are in the meantime capable of making balanced decisions.
Connect on your goals, understand the cohesion and make better decisions.