Our vision

We focus on physical assets because they are a very important resource for our society. Thanks to physical assets we can live, work, travel, recreate, etc. If we want to change or improve something socially, changes and improvements in assets play a crucial role. 

In current decision-making in society, achieving short-term results is dominant. We are often guided by past results and project them into the future. We often deal with complex issues by breaking them down into manageable parts, but in doing so we lose sight of the coherence. This way of thinking and making decisions already causes many problems and will cause even more problems in the future. Copernicos helps to make future-oriented decisions, based on systems thinking and system-dynamic modeling. 

That is exactly why at Copernicos we think in scenarios. We take into account both assets themselves and their changing circumstances, look at the big picture and connect perspectives and interests to make good decisions. We believe that these times require a new, dynamic way of decision-making. This will allow you to handle questions and developments in the future. This vision is reflected in our approach, in which we bring together facts and a (sustainable) vision of the future. In this way, performance, costs and risks are kept in balance as best as possible. 

Our core values

  • Dynamic. The world is constantly changing and that affects your assets. You want to know what the effect of changes is on the performance and costs of your assets. Consider, for example, variations in energy prices, technological developments or variations in expectations of sea level rise. Our system dynamic models include changing circumstances in future explorations for assets. 
  • Coherent. We connect all different perspectives, aspects, disciplines, interests and goals by bringing together those involved in an issue. For example, municipalities, provinces, residents and construction companies. Or designers, users and maintainers. Because only if you have a clear view of the big picture, you will come to the right future-proof decisions.
  • Factual. We map all relevant data, information and knowledge, so that it is clear what the known facts are about an issue. Consider insights into the CO2 emissions of all kinds of equipment. We incorporate these into our models. This allows us to express the feasibility of decisions in concrete figures.
  • Visionary. We combine these facts with a vision, for example about the effective use and sustainability of assets; or the energy transition. This makes your decisions future-proof, because you take into account what lies ahead.
  • Pragmatic. We ensure that all scenario analyses are practical and therefore easy to implement. After all, abstract words without a concrete plan are of no use to anyone. That is why our models always produce practical measures with associated substantiation. Our models are a representation of practice and therefore very practically usable and communicable.

Our specialists

who are we?

Our team of higher professional and academically trained business consultants specializes in asset management, modelling, information science and transition management. Each with their own field of expertise, we know everything about life cycle management of physical assets. Together with you we make every project a success. 

Meet our team 

what we do

Our solutions

asset dynamics

asset management

Asset Dynamics focuses on the functioning of physical capital goods in the dynamic context in which they operate. Changing circumstances can have a major impact on the entire system. To get a better grip Copernicos uses Asset Dynamics: a modeling and simulation environment for scenario analysis. Asset Dynamics provides insight into future performance (including functional, safety, environmental and financial performances) based on proposed measures.


innovation management

With our STORM method we systemically map societal challenges. We do so in order to get more insight into  measures and innovations that will lead to better performance (of assets) in the future. Many of the problems we now face – such as climate change, climate adaptation, mobility, safety and sustainable living environments – are complex: many parties are involved and often there are many innovative ideas for improvement. So, the question is how to make good, balanced decisions in this multi-goal and multi-stakeholder context? STORM can help.


connect, understand, improve

The Copernicos approach is an integrated approach. Together with clients we look at the different invested interests and goals and try to look for mutual coherence. We connect (seemingly contradictory) ambitions, we map challenges and knowledge, all in order to better understand the cohesion. In mapping and modelling we make complexity visible by showing the underlying factors influencing performance. By developing scenarios we sketch a joint picture of what the future might look like. But also what needs to be done to get there, and why. Our clients are thus better prepared to deal with (uncertain) future developments and are in the meantime capable of making balanced decisions.
Connect on your goals, understand the cohesion and make better decisions.