changing circumstances

Technical systems are becoming increasingly complex and asset management is anything but simple. Due to its increasing dynamics, it’s therefore important to respond effectively to changing circumstances. There is a need for unambiguous insights, for a method or approach that can deal with changing circumstances. That’s the power of Asset Dynamics: it evaluates options, variants and strategies: quickly and reliably.

scenario analyses

Asset Dynamics is the ideal tool for scenario analysis in asset management. It visualizes possible futures, including bandwidths and margins of uncertainty. Asset Dynamics makes clear what important ‘buttons’ are that determine the performance of assets. Asset Dynamics calculates the effectiveness of measures in an integral manner. Often however, it is not one measure but a mix of measures to achieve the best results. Asset Dynamics supports in determining this optimal mix of measures.

tactical and strategic issues

Asset Dynamics is used for issues on a tactical and strategic asset management level , including:

  • Lifetime extension
  • Changing time between major service intervals
  • Different usage (usage intensity, usage environment)
  • Different maintenance (changes in the maintenance mix)
  • Different asset configurations

Asset Dynamics provides insights on different interconnected levels, like asset portfolio, asset type, asset, installation, asset components etc. Different solutions for better outcomes can be compared by applying Asset Dynamics. We do so on the basis of an assets lifespan, both in the design phase, the construction phase, the exploitation and recirculation phase.

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Ministry of Defence

Defense equipment is technically complex, high demands are made on performance and both the investment and operating costs of this equipment are high. Defense operations always take place in a highly dynamic environment.

Department of Waterways and Public Works

Due to a sharp decline in water quality in the lake Grevelingen, the need arose for a permeable flood defence: the conversion of the currently closed Brouwersdam.


connect, understand, improve

The Copernicos approach is an integrated approach. Together with clients we look at the different invested interests and goals and try to look for mutual coherence. We connect (seemingly contradictory) ambitions, we map challenges and knowledge, all in order to better understand the cohesion. In mapping and modelling we make complexity visible by showing the underlying factors influencing performance. By developing scenarios we sketch a joint picture of what the future might look like. But also what needs to be done to get there, and why. Our clients are thus better prepared to deal with (uncertain) future developments and are in the meantime capable of making balanced decisions. Connect on your goals, understand the cohesion and make better decisions.


our latest insight

The Transition Expedition

We are on our way to an uncertain future. A future we can discover together and that we want to make more sustainable than today. A future we can shape individually, but also collectively. To do so, we need to make choices.

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Futurologist en Copernicos

In a presentation by futurologist Richard van Hooijdonck I heard a number of things that correspond with the Copernicos vision. Van Hooijdonck outlines a development that is currently underway: the world is in a process of connecting in which parts react, interact and influence each other.

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Data and System Dynamics

Tom Fiddaman of Ventana Systems on how data and System Dynamics can reinforce each other. Machine Learning does not solve everything and in combination with System Dynamics we can handle complex issues:

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