Asset Management System

A management system that ensures good performance including the mutual balancing of different interests (e.g. the balance performance, risks and costs) to achieve optimal performance. In workshops processes will be…Read more

Innovative Contract

The deployment of Asset Dynamics for a long term contract (e.g. DBFM contract, maintenance contract) to work with stakeholders within the organization and possibly beyond (e.g. Asset Owner – Contractor)…Read more

Feasibility Study

Examining in a workshop approach the technical, economical and social feasibility, starting from the idea about a physical asset, with all stakeholders and experts.

Asset Design

In acceleration workshops the requirements of all stakeholders of an asset are translated into a design with an integral consideration of all requirements and alternatives such as: user requirements maintenance…Read more


With a STORM project the value and the likelihood of success of an innovation is quantified and made transparent for all stakeholders in (a) joint session(s). Together with Deltares we…Read more

Change Process

In this type of project an organisation (or a part of an organisation) is integrally guided from a present working method to a method according to the principles of Asset…Read more

Vision Development

These are projects in which the management team of an organisation creates its own vision. A vision that depicts the desired future of the organisation.

Asset Dynamics

With Asset Dynamics projects the playing field for Asset Management is mapped out, using a system dynamics model. Asset Dynamics focuses on physical assets and the (changing) context in which…Read more