Get more value from your assets 

 The decisions an organization makes about assets determine their future value. Whether it concerns investing in ships, maintenance or renovation of bridges, making equipment more sustainable or reusing parts.  

With all the uncertainties, challenges, legal obligations, and many people involved, this is quite a task.  

The focus of Copernicos is to ensure that organizations can make more integrated and more longer-term decisions: decisions that are future-proof. 

  • Lasting value creation from assets 
  • take uncertainties into account. 
  • proactively manage changes. 

That’s how we do it 

We make facts explicit and we combine facts, storylines and vision to create a system-dynamic model to support decision-making. So not only data and past results count, but also joint knowledge, experience, and future vision about, for example, innovations of your assets, sustainability of your assets and more effective use of your assets. In this way, you build a model together with which all stakeholders involved can handle new questions and developments about the future of the assets. 

Our Asset Dynamics solutions and STORM method improve decision-making, allowing assets to perform better and create more value. 

asset dynamics

asset management

Asset Dynamics focuses on the functioning of physical capital goods in the dynamic context in which they operate. Changing circumstances can have a major impact on the entire system. To get a better grip Copernicos uses Asset Dynamics: a modeling and simulation environment for scenario analysis. Asset Dynamics provides insight into future performance (including functional, safety, environmental and financial performances) based on proposed measures.


innovation management

With our STORM method we systemically map societal challenges. We do so in order to get more insight into  measures and innovations that will lead to better performance (of assets) in the future. Many of the problems we now face – such as climate change, climate adaptation, mobility, safety and sustainable living environments – are complex: many parties are involved and often there are many innovative ideas for improvement. So, the question is how to make good, balanced decisions in this multi-goal and multi-stakeholder context? STORM can help.


connect, understand, improve

We commit ourselves to decisions about assets for a longer period of time, while the environment is changing rapidly. When making these decisions, we must take the interests of different stakeholders into account. To make the right choices, it is important to connect the different perspectives and jointly understand how the decisions affect what we find important. Together we can achieve improvements in future performance, costs and risks. 

Connect on goals, understand the coherence, make future-proof decisions.