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Copernicos works for industries where assets – or complex technical systems – operate in dynamic contexts. This kind of assets have long lifespans with high investment- and operating-costs. Mostly chains of collaborating organizations function around these assets. For good decisionmaking good preparation is required, preferably based on a broad understanding of the system involved. Our solutions of modeling and scenario analysis support these kinds of decisionmaking, in all sorts of industries.


Owners and managers of assets like aircrafts, ships, trains and vehicles are responsible for managing these assets throughout their lifespan. These are assets that are often large in numbers, that are mobile and spread out across multiple organizational units. Copernicos is able to provide fleet owners and fleet managers with answers to their tactical and strategic assetmanagement issues. In this way they can innovate faster and more effectively.


Infrastructure such as the road network is a network of connected assets, with objects such as roads, bridges and tunnels. These networks are managed by organizations such as central government (Department of Waterways and Public Works and Prorail), provinces and municipalities. Different networks should be interconnected.  Scenario analysis are possible for different levels, we can visualize future performance of both individual objects and of entire networks. This also applies to the impact of innovations on individual objects, groups of objects and entire networks.


A water system is comparable to the infrastructure mentioned above, but has different types of objects such as pumping stations, locks, weirs, dikes, flood defenses and waterways such as canals and rivers. A water system has multiple functions and water quality plays an important role. It has its own specific assets such as water purification systems. At Copernicos we model water systems and perform scenario analysis to visualize the possible future impact of (proposed) measures and innovations.

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Asset Dynamics focuses on the functioning of physical capital goods in the dynamic context in which they operate. Changing circumstances can have a major impact on the entire system. To get a better grip Copernicos uses Asset Dynamics: a modeling and simulation environment for scenario analysis. Asset Dynamics provides insight into future performance (including functional, safety, environmental and financial performances) based on proposed measures.


innovation management

With our STORM method we systemically map societal challenges. We do so in order to get more insight into  measures and innovations that will lead to better performance (of assets) in the future. Many of the problems we now face – such as climate change, climate adaptation, mobility, safety and sustainable living environments – are complex: many parties are involved and often there are many innovative ideas for improvement. So, the question is how to make good, balanced decisions in this multi-goal and multi-stakeholder context? STORM can help.


connect, understand, improve

The Copernicos approach is an integrated approach. Together with our clients, we look at different interests and goals and look for mutual coherence. We connect (seemingly contradictory) ambitions, map out challenges and knowledge, and better understand the cohesion. Complexity is made visible, as are underlying factors that influence performance improvement. Using scenarios, we sketch a joint picture of what the future could look like, and what needs to happen in which project phase to get there. This makes it clear to everyone what needs to be done and why. In this way, you prepare for future developments and make well-considered decisions.
Connect on your goals, understand the cohesion and make better decisions.


our latest insight

The Transition Expedition

We are on our way to an uncertain future. A future we can discover together and that we want to make more sustainable than today. A future we can shape individually, but also collectively. To do so, we need to make choices.

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Futurologist en Copernicos

In a presentation by futurologist Richard van Hooijdonck I heard a number of things that correspond with the Copernicos vision. Van Hooijdonck outlines a development that is currently underway: the world is in a process of connecting in which parts react, interact and influence each other.

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Data and System Dynamics

Tom Fiddaman of Ventana Systems on how data and System Dynamics can reinforce each other. Machine Learning does not solve everything and in combination with System Dynamics we can handle complex issues:

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