Futurologist and Copernicos

In a presentation of futurologist Richard Hooijdonck I heard a number of issues that have strong similarities with the basics from which we work. Because of technology Richard outlined the development that is going on at present: the world is engaging to connect; everything is connected to everything for instance because of the ‘Internet of Things’. Components interact and influence each other. Hooijdonck called this the ‘API economy’. Also for Copernicos connecting is the key. Connecting people (cooperation), connecting people and assets and connecting assets and parts of assets (coherence).

Hooijdonck didn’t tell us anything new, i.e. changes are accelerating and the changes are many. The competence of ‘continuous learning’ is important in this. This means a lot of testing, trying out and experimenting to productively apply new things. In order to do so we have for many years applied the so-called Learning Cycle of Kolb, in which experimentation and above all reflection are important, and are used in our approach.