Your privacy is important to us. This privacy statement explains which personal data Copernicos processes, how Copernicos processes it and for what purposes.

Only the personal data that you enter in the contact form on our website – your name, name of your organization, (business) telephone number and (business) email address – are recorded by us. We only use this information to contact you via the e-mail address or telephone number you have provided.

This data remains within our organization, that is to say: we will not share this data with other external parties without your permission. Copernicos works within a Microsoft environment, which means your data (that is stored with us) is subject to the applicable data security measures of Microsoft.

Your data will be stored with us for a maximum of one year. After that, the data will be deleted unless they are relevant for maintaining contact.

Your data will be adjusted or deleted by us within one month after you have informed us that it should be changed or deleted.

Questions and comments regarding our privacy statement, as well as indicating that your data should be removed or adjusted, can be made known via: