Poster Presentations

Tuesday 21 July – 12.00 hrs. CEST

Poster presentation on Component Models as plug-in’s for System Dynamic Models

In Asset Management, System Dynamics modelling has been proven to be a powerful tool in predicting the effects of policy choices on future scenarios with respect to performances and costs of physical assets. When modelling a physical asset (a complex technical system), use and maintenance determine for a great part the degradation rate, and thus the technical condition of the physical asset. Due to the complexity of these assets, system dynamics models have been subjected to a number of simplifications and assumptions. On the other hand, academic research into degradation of stand alone components is reaching its glass sealing due to the many components in a system and coupling between these components. Currently Copernicos is investigating the possibilities to couple the SD Asset Models (top down) and Detail Component Models (bottom up) to create an integrated or coupled model which enables more comprehensive insights of both worlds/approaches. This type of Asset Modelling requires also specific SD-modelling needs/possibilities.

Wednesday 22 July – 12.00 hrs. CEST

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