Arjen Ros

“We have a lot of complex systems around us. These systems are there for our convenience, security, to get somewhere, to meet our needs. People operate and control these assets…Read more

Rowan Huisman

My interest lies in the implementation of technology in society. A technically sound product can be perfect from the perspective of the engineer, but remain unused at the moment that…Read more

Martine Folkersma

Communicating about complex (system dynamical) models is perhaps just as important as the models themselves. But how do you make the acquired knowledge of those involved comprehensible and legible, not…Read more

Olga Poletaeva

Knowledge is an asset and like any asset it requires management. Knowledge manifests itself in different forms and volumes, emerges from a variety of processes and activities, and consolidates in…Read more

Egbert Roos

For me it is always inspiring to see how our efforts to arrive at good and useful solutions for our clients not only leads us to better decisions, but also…Read more

Jonathan Nichols

As a keen gardener, Jonathan loves to help things grow and flourish, whether they be the vegetables in his garden or the clients and organisations he works with. With his…Read more

Michel Kuijer

Ever since my studies ‘Naval Architecture’ at the Technical University of Delft, I have been interested in so-called system thinking: how parts fit into a larger unity (a ‘system’) and…Read more