Asset Dynamics

With Asset Dynamics projects, the joint playing field for Asset Management is mapped using a system dynamic model. Asset Dynamics focuses on assets and the (changing) context in which assets function. Assets are complex, capital-intensive systems that are managed by people. Asset Dynamics is a ‘body of knowledge’ in which system thinking, system dynamics and asset management are joined together. By means of workshops and validations, the various parties involved discover how an asset functions. This results in a model of the performance of an asset over time, investigating the underlying factors that influence this performance. These performances are expressed in Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Important KPIs are the Life Cycle Cost and the availability of an asset. With the help of Asset Dynamics, conflicting interests can be weighed up and optimised. Insight is gained into the behaviour of an asset and the KPIs over time. Asset Dynamics is a viable tool for Life Cycle Management of assets.

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