Asset Dynamics for performance contracts

For the maintenance of assets, ever more long-term contracts are being concluded between client and contractor. These contracts are based on all sorts of principles that concern the performance of assets and the costs of the contractor. They are also often performance contracts where assessment takes place on the basis of mutually agreed agreements and associated definitions.

Changes to contracts occur when:

  • the use is different than assumed
  • maintenance becomes different (for example more just-in-time)
  • technology continues to develop
  • there are changes in the asset

There is a need for an Asset Dynamics application to gain insight into the possible effects of these changes in joint coordination between the client and the contractor and how these affect the contract agreements made. It is also possible to gain insight into the effects on a more tactical and strategic level: what effect does the specific contract KPIs and their possible changing values ​​have on the goals of the client or the contractor on a tactical level and on the values ​​of both on a strategic level. The Asset Dynamics application makes this mutual cohesion visible and dynamic.

This publication contains an explanation of the application of Asset Dynamics for performance maintenance contracts within infrastructure or the civil engineering sector (the Dutch version of the article is to be found here).