Asset Dynamics for defense equipment

Defense equipment is technically complex, requires high performance-standards and both the investment- and operating costs of this equipment are high. In addition, defense equipment operates in a dynamic environment of changing factors such as global politics, technology, the level of threat, and the variety of areas in which this equipment (sometimes unforeseen) must be deployed.

With Asset Dynamics insights can be gained into asset management issues that are relevant in this defense context, and that can arise in the design or construction phase as well as in the operational phase of the equipment. Examples of this are:

  • Effects of extending the service life of equipment
  • Effects of extending the period between major overhauls
  • Short and long term effects of unexpected missions
  • Effects of changes in the maintenance plan
  • Effects of changes in the usage plan or operational profile

With Asset Dynamics alternative scenarios are simulated for these types of issues and the results are analysed for their effects on the most important performance indicators in mutual coherence such as system condition/ system value, deployment/ performance, maintenance workload and costs. The effects of any mitigating measures are also evaluated, so that it is clear whether and to what extent they are effective.

With the insights that come from these scenario-analyses, Asset Dynamics makes a valuable contribution to decision-making on issues in the field of defense equipment.